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When a star falls in a nearby forest, it spurs Po onto a quest to find that light and bring it into their life.

Welcome to Light & Shadow, a narrative-driven 2D platformer in shadow puppet form, where you face your anxieties, climb out of depression, and find the moments of joy in a grey world. You'll puppeteer Po through 26 levels spread over 5 Biomes, where you will collect music notes and seek out key special moments in each level, which will help you push back the manifestations of Anxiety and Depression which will obscure your view and slow you down on your quest to find the star.

Inspired by “Po's Climb,” a shadow puppet performance by Sequoia Erickson, and in collaboration with Shadowland Theatre, Light & Shadow features an art style heavily relying on the trappings of a shadow puppet show. The cutscenes are recordings of live puppet shows, which tie the world together. In support of the main concepts of dealing with anxiety and depression, Light & Shadow was built in collaboration with mental health professionals and a youth advisory committee, to evaluate the themes and moments in the game in order to ensure they were portrayed accurately and effectively.
Leaning heavily into a linear narrative, and inspired by the creative team's film and theater backgrounds, Light & Shadow takes you (and Po) on a journey of hope and heartbreak, excitement and anxiety. Finding your way isn't always easy, keep going!
-25 Levels
-5 Different Biomes
-Unique Layered Musical Health System
-List of Mental Health Resources

Flawed Designs
Release date Nov 24, 2022
AuthorFlawed Designs
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Exploration, Indie, Minimalist, Narrative, Noir, Non violent, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour


Light & Shadow For Windows.zip 840 MB

Install instructions

For Windows: 

Download the file called "Light & Shadow For Windows" and extract all files. Use the Light & Shadow.exe to launch!

For Mac:

Due to an apparent bug with Unity, we are unable to upload a working Mac build to itch. Mac users can get the game on steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2171920/Light__Shadow/


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Every time I try to open this (Mac) it tells me the application is flawed. 

Hey Raineyriver! We've put up a new version, does this one work?

No, still says damaged and says to move it to trash.

After some investigation, it seems to be an issue that Unity builds have with being compressed and uploaded. You can get the game from Steam though! Valve apparently does some voodoo to make their stuff work.